What is power windows?

Power windows, simply put, is mechanized windows for cars. That means to open or close your car windows, all you have to do is press a button, instead of rolling it down using a lever.

How does power windows work?

This Youtube video explains with detail how the internal mechanisms work in a power window system.

Why would a power window fail, and so what if it fails?

Power windows, like all things mechanical, is prone to failure because of the internal moving parts.

If it fails to function while your window is drawn down, manual winding up of the windows is extremely difficult, and thus your car and the valuables in it would be vulnerable to theft and damage.

Why should I use your service rather than visiting my original workshop?

We are available 24/7 to service your car's power windows. Even if it breaks down during wee hours, you don’t have to worry. Furthermore, we provide island-wide service, so it's at your convenience.

Our work is very affordable as compared to the other workshops, with no compromise in quality. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

How do you provide such a quality service at such a competitive pricing?

Most workshops replace the entire power windows system, resulting in unnecessary expenses. However, we are different. Only the faulty components are replaced, thus saving you money.

What kind or brand of cars do you service?

We service all kinds and makes of cars, from Nissan Cefiros to Mercedes Benz.

How do I engage your service?

You may call or message us to book an appointment. For more details, please visit the contact us page.